ALLERGY WARNING - The food items may contain nut, wheat, eggs, dairy, among others.

Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is arguably the richest, most diverse and most misunderstood cuisine in the world. It is variously described as spicy, curry or sometimes smacking of the lips or a gasp as unexpected heat overwhelms the senses.  It is also believed that Indian food is only vegetarian. None of these opinions and all of these opinions are true and false. The correct answer is all of the above. But as anyone who has tasted it even once in their life can attest, it is different and incredibly tasty. The cuisine is vast as the space India occupies. Staggering numbers like over 1 billion people, seventh largest country in the world do not do justice to the bewildering variety of tastes on offer from this ancient land. It can be legitimately argued that there are thousands of sub-cuisines within the ocean called Indian food. pays tribute to this treasure trove of diverse foods by leveraging the culinary skills available with thousands of home chefs that do justice to Indian food.

That is not the end of our offering though. Since we are celebrating food alone without distractions like location, service, ambiance or the need to groom oneself to eat out, you just peruse the dishes on offer, choose it from a chef of your choice and we will deliver it to you. Sorry, we do not offer pickup.